Below are a few questions that have been asked, and the answers we have given:

What is the discount for siblings? We love teaching siblings (or the parent) of one of our students. We take $10 off of the price of each additional student who is a family member.

What if I have to cancel a lesson? Call me. If you are paying by the month, we need to reschedule the lesson to occur within the same month. If we cannot reschedule the lesson, you will miss getting your 4 lessons that month. If you are using our Flex Program, your lessons are scheduled week to week so we will just reschedule your lesson.

What is the policy for rental instruments? I will rent you the instrument you need to take home and practice. I do this to give you a chance to determine if you want to invest in your own quality instrument. If the instrument I send home with you is damaged, I will charge you for replacing or repairing it. Normal wear and tear is not an issue. I am referring to damage that causes the instrument to be unusable; such as broken necks, holes, or broken speakers. Deep gouges in the body or abuse will also be considered reasons to ask for you to cover the cost of replacement. 


  1. Hello, I just wanted to express how much I like the lessons. They are affordable and so helpful. I have tried multiple times to learn guitar with multiple methods, but none have worked. But when I was with Chris I felt safe and willing to learn, and so I signed up for lessons. They are really great.
    Sincerely,Danie boi

  2. My son started guitar lessons about two months ago at Music Medix. We purchased him a month membership for his 13th birthday just to see if it was something he would stick with. He has loved it and has learned so much from his teacher Chris. My son has started saving his money and doing extra chores to pay for his own lessons. He will be starting his 3rd month next week and is still very excited about learning to play the guitar. Chris is a great teacher and is really good at learning what works best for your child. He teaches my son how to play songs that he actually likes and not songs that my son shows no interest in. Chris is very laid back, but professional which makes my sons lessons enjoyable and informative. So glad we found this company!