Child Protection Policy

Recent news stories have made me realize how evil people can be. Because of this, I am publicizing our child protection policy and practices. It is my hope that you will demand these protections from anyone you involve in teaching, coaching, or mentoring your child.

Teachers and students should be allowed plenty of space
Our lessons rooms are the size of an 11 ft X 12 ft office...NOT the 'closet' that is normally used by music teachers.

No One-on One
We have cameras in every room and our doors remain open during lessons. 

We have the video cameras displayed on a 36 inch flat screen in a common area to allow parents to monitor the lesson from another room.

Most businesses or individuals who offer music lessons do not accommodate students this way…but they should be asked to create a safe environment for our kids in the same way Music Medix does.

Background Checks and Familiarity

Many organizations require background checks for any volunteer or employee hired to work closely with children. 
Any employee working for Music Medix must have regular background checks as well. 

Demand the excellence our children deserve
I encourage you to demand these qualifications, policies, and practices from anyone who teaches, coaches, or mentors your children. As adults we are tasked with the care and well being of these kids and Music Medix will always take this responsibility seriously.

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