Music Medix After Hours

 As you probably know: The Music Medix mission is to use music to provide opportunities for young people to exercise their leadership skills and innovation, to practice goal setting, and to teach them the value of preparation. 

But let me introduce you to Music Medix After Hours!

Music Medix After Hours takes the same mission and applies it to young people who see value in learning life skills though they may not necessarily have an interest in performing music.

Leadership: We teach leadership through our community service clubs. After Hours Members take turns serving as officers during meetings at their clubhouse and are responsible for presentations to the group and voting on our community service projects. 

Goal Setting: After Hours Members set goals and checkpoints along the path. Community service projects give each young person a chance to practice self-evaluation and the value of teamwork.  This structure and these habits carry them through a life full of productivity and a sense of pride in a job well done serving others.

Life Skills: Music Medix After Hours teams up with local businesses, civic organizations, and other non-profts to present programs that teach our members essential life skills! Programs covering topics such as financial literacy, basic vehicle maintenance, and caring for themselves at home. 

Work Experience, Confidence, Leadership Skills, Resilience, and Independence: 
We all could have beneftted from this program in our youth!

Any tools, Personal Protective Equipment, you think will help us in our efforts is welcome and very appreciated. 

All donations are tax exempt as Music Medix After Hours is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit registered with the Ga. Secretary of State.

Obviously, we want to keep our costs down as much as possible. With that in mind, we are currently only accepting financial donations through non-electronic means.

Checks can be made out to: Music Medix After Hours
Mailing address:                 

                                Music Medix After Hours
                                C/O Chris Pope
                                PO Box 763
                                Haddock, Ga. 31033

Or mail it to our clubhouse:
                                Music Medix After Hours 
                                Ste F
                                4274 Gray Hwy 
                                Gray, Ga. 31032

Feel free to call at  : (478) 221-3132 0r text at (478) 607-9302



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