How Our Students Find Success

Let's begin by managing expectations:

If you are hoping that your child will leave Music Medix with the ability to perform classical music with an orchestra you will be very disappointed.

I can only teach what I know, and I know how to perform Rock, Country, Blues, and Pop Music. I know how to book gigs and control a crowd. That's it. That's what Music Medix is designed to focus on. I call this "Practical Music"simply because it is useful and invited almost anywhere you go.

There are three things that a student must have in order to succeed at learning music:

Accurate Instruction
Proper Tools

Accurate Instruction- There are just some things that an experienced performer can see and point out that aren't taught online. We see them because we have been there. We have probably made that mistake and we had to deal with the consequences. Furthermore, we strive to keep you from taking the wrong path in the first place. Learning from a mistake is invaluable- but it doesn't have to be YOUR mistake.

Proper Tools- All of that experience, gives us insight in choosing the proper tool for the job. We will guide you in choosing the right instrument, accessory, or piece of equipment that matches your vision. Selling equipment is not our primary purpose, so we help find the right equipment at the best value matter where it might be.

Practice- Without practice, nothing else matters. We have incentives built into our lessons programs which keep our students working harder and in the right direction."Student of the Week" "Gold Star Programs" "Live Performance Opportunities"...etc...... The list goes on and grows daily. We work to find your child's biggest motivator and we give them every opportunity to be encouraged.

I have made it my mission to grow my little music academy into a national chain. That only works when my customers are completely satisfied with our efforts and my students are performing at whatever level they aspire to.

To me; THAT is the definition of success as a music teacher.

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