Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What can Music Medix do for YOU?

Well, to begin- guitar lessons for all styles of popular music. Pop, Country, Rock, R&B, and so on. We have rental instruments available, too- Six String Acoustics and Electrics!

Every band needs a Bass Player! Come take lessons at Music Medix to learn how to lay down that infectious groove!

Are you the singer of the Band? Why Not? Music Medix can help get you ready to command the stage with vocal lessons and performance coaching

We have a professional percussionist on staff at Music Medix waiting to teach you the ins and outs of providing that beat!

Ukelele is a fun, portable instrument that gets the party going! Music Medix can get you playing in no time!

Piano Lessons at Music Medix are fun and educational! Sight reading, dexterity exercises, and a complete understanding of music theory await!

All of these things and so much more are waiting!!!

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